Todd Sundsted
Better dead than bored.
🌎Sector 001

ktistec is fast but i'm thinking about making the responses to obvious vulnerability scans artificially sloooow... (opt-in, of course.)


#crystallang developers… what can you count on being safe to access during a call to #finalize?

i have some class-level state that i’d like to modify via a class variable but even reading values via that variable seems to cause problems that eventually lead to crashes later in the program. (typically index out of bounds during some later garbage collection run.)

sometimes, while traveling, i end up someplace with really poor internet connectivity, and i realize then how useless a lot of the web is...

i'm getting some clicking noise from the 3d printer. probably time to read the manual...


manhattanhenge looking west along 14th street, at ave c

i caught the last minutes of #manhattanhenge tonight while walking doggo...

NYC, East Village, Floodgate 13, M-E70-013

there's something vaguely apocalyptic about the floodgates being installed around manhattan.


i was trying to guess at the wire format of sse (server sent events) by reading the hotwired turbo and turbo-rails code, and was getting nowhere quickly. then i thought... why not read the specification... and it was right there...

#seriously #rtfs

Do you know why LavinMQ can handle so many connections and process that many messages?

There are several reasons, but one of them is because developers can understand the library code the application runs.

#performance #crystallang #lavinmq #programming

Avenue C, Friday Night, NYC

i've been working and wearing my nreal/xreal air glasses on this flight.

it's a trip when the plane is banking and turning. i also have a virtual ultrawide screen. i'm sure the guy next to me wonders what i'm studying over there...