Todd Sundsted
Better dead than bored.

i think increasingly my favorite thing about nyc is the fact that i can find and buy a great salad for lunch.

one of the crystal programming language’s greatest strengths is the ease with which you can work with c apis and external libraries without leaving crystal. you can even implement callbacks in crystal!

in sqlite you can define new functions—callable from sql—with sqlite3_create_function by providing a name and a callback that implements the function. i created a new function called strip, entirely in crystal, that removes html markup and leaves text. it can be used in a sql query like so:

select * from objects
where strip(content) like "%term%"

it’s part of the recently released content filtering code.

#crystallang #ktistec




ev battery performance feels like it’s been about 30% worse than last summer due to the cold weather. i’m in eastern pennsylvania now and it’s 40° f (vs 0° f in parts of north dakota, yesterday) and those 40° make a difference in distance covered between charges—though it still feels cold!


it just started snowing north of chicago. apparently it’s due for 6 inches.


fargo, north dakota

3° f at 8:45pm.

the scenery is quite a contrast with may of last year.


looking west

sheridan, wyoming… roads south are closed because of last night’s storm. backtracking to billings and then across north dakota this time.


I just released v2.0.0-8 of ktistec. The most impactful changes are:

  1. No more dependencies on externally hosted assets (and fewer dependencies, overall)
  2. Basic support for timeline filters (no shares and no replies).
  3. Support for content filtering by keyword.

Volume has dropped off in my timeline, for the most part, now that the surge of people who signed up for Mastodon accounts a couple months ago have gone back to posting on Twitter, or have stopped posted about the transition, or whatever. But fine grained control is nice, and filtering allows me to tune my experience—better late than never!

Read the changelog for all of the details.


i stumbled across an ad for a two button keyboard and thought wtf but then learned that this is a product category and macropads are a thing...

my favorite 3d printer projects have some utility. i recently installed gridwall panels in my shop but didn't want to put an eye out on one of the hooks, so i designed and printed safety caps for the ends.

safety caps for gridwall hooks