Todd Sundsted
Better dead than bored.

i'm slowly working my way through the backlog of ktistec issues. i just pushed small changes that:

  • render posts written in markdown as html (no support for editing markdown yet)
  • allow users to manually fetch posts missing from threads (following threads is coming soon)
  • allow users to navigate to the post on the original server

following threads—and later tags—is going to be a huge benefit to single user ktistec instances. large instances with many users sit on top of a huge pile of content (both local and federated) and that creates an environment that sometimes feels more complete. users of ktistec will still have to intentionally follow a thread or follow a tag, but ktistec will do the work of pulling in the relevant content in the background and making it available.

is anyone posting teardown videos on something like peertube? (i can find plenty of teardowns online, but i'm interested in their intersection with the fediverse.)

#teardown #fediverse

til... the following works in #crystallang

[{1}, {2}, {3}].sort_by(&.first.-) # => [{3}, {2}, {1}]

because - is a method that returns the negative value of the number on which it is called. (the tuple in the example is obviously contrived...) this is in contrast to the following, which do the same thing but are more verbose:

puts [{1}, {2}, {3}].sort_by { |t| -t.first } 
puts [{1}, {2}, {3}].sort_by(&.first).reverse

i finally got my global entry application approved. i got trumped back in 2020 because i lived in new york city. since new york city was a sanctuary city, trump's department of homeland security rejected everyone's applications. then, due to covid, i ended up flying a lot less.

it's my feeling is that many postmodern jukebox covers are far better than the originals.

the risk to google is not that something (cough cough… bing and chatgpt) is going to take their place.  the risk is that something is going to take the $200 billion/year search engine market and turn it into a $2 billion/year market.

3.. 2.. 1.. launch dog!

i think increasingly my favorite thing about nyc is the fact that i can find and buy a great salad for lunch.

one of the crystal programming language’s greatest strengths is the ease with which you can work with c apis and external libraries without leaving crystal. you can even implement callbacks in crystal!

in sqlite you can define new functions—callable from sql—with sqlite3_create_function by providing a name and a callback that implements the function. i created a new function called strip, entirely in crystal, that removes html markup and leaves text. it can be used in a sql query like so:

select * from objects
where strip(content) like "%term%"

it’s part of the recently released content filtering code.

#crystallang #ktistec