a sea of fog over the valley

my wife commissioned an amazing halloween family portrait from a local artist.

sundsted manor

i just love this!

the extended family

even saki, the dog!

和楽器バンド / Wagakki Band

I still enjoy this particular performance immensely.

焔 / Homura + 暁ノ糸 / Akatsuki no Ito

roll initiative!

You can read about Ktistec development by following the ktistec tag on Epiktistes. Here's the very first post—kind of a Ktistec “Hello, World!” I guess:

288 commits later i can post this...



before it was called "agile programming" it was called "extreme programming". one of the tenets of extreme programming is "merciless refactoring". another is "edgy adjectives".

an often overlooked "freedom" in a free software project is the freedom to refactor, mercilessly. why turn a free software project into a feature factory? you can get that in an office job, right?

anyway, commits 14d22ca to 14fb9af do away with 1860 lines of code, while only adding 880 lines. more importantly, they do away with quite a lot of distracting boilerplate—like explicit identifiers (IRIs) that usually have no bearing on the outcome of a test.

the one big addition was spec_helper/ (349 lines), which adds lightweight factories that take care of the details of instantiating a valid model instance.  i picked up the build/create paradigm from the factory_bot gem, and extended the let/let! pattern used in spectator.

#ktistec #agile #extreme #refactoring

even a few streets in, you forget that manhattan is an island.

are illegal states

are illegal states
just detectable?

or are illegal states
lying in wait
waiting to strike
and utterly


lorenzo barasti does a great job here making up for the lack of official documentation on crystal’s select statement. the article’s a must-read if you are planning on making use of concurrency.


Please, don't panic: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has been published on October 12, 1979.

Exactly 42 years ago 🙊