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i’m struggling with the twitter “reply thread” style of posting. someone shares/boosts an interesting post and i have to hunt for the server to get the full story. that doesn’t seem very “federated”.

many instances aren’t limited to the expected 140 characters or whatever the cap is these days. in fact activitypub, the specification, doesn’t set a limit on post size at all. longer posts are possible, will travel as a complete thought, and are probably more accessible, generally.

-12°F…. it’s been a while since i’ve experienced that!

since the beginning of the month there are 959 posts in my timeline. of those, 516 were posted and 476 were shared/boosted. the overlap is due to the fact that some posts are from people i follow, and ktistec sees both the activitypub create and a later announce.

so overall, about half of what i see is original content from the people i follow and about half is things they share, which is pretty much what i saw on twitter way back in the day.

Don Quixote is hundreds of years old, but the story of a man who becomes so immersed in media that he can no longer distiguish fantasy from reality, and is aided by people who indulge the fantasy while saving him from himself, seems so very modern.

people stop talking about twitter, elon and the rest of it. starve them of the attention they crave, and turn your thoughts and energy toward peace and a better world. rubbernecking this train wreck is just holding you back.

(i should probably just add support for mastodon style polls to ktistec...)

i have an informal poll for ktistec users. should we require (and use features from) the most recent versions of sqlite? how recent is too recent? if you're running ktistec, i'd love your point of view.

some background... sqlite is the most significant dependency in ktistec. to minimize problems for potential users, i intentionally stuck to features found in "older" versions of sqlite. as i write this, the current version of sqlite is 3.40.0.  ktistec only depends on 3.11.0, which was released in 2016. that's very conservative.


chatgpt might be the most useful search tool out there. it just needs links in the output.

my question was "what open source alternatives are there to jmeter". at least with chatgpt all of the results are, or were, legitimate open source projects.

asking chatgpt "what open source alternatives are there to jmeter"

google's results are, as expected, full of seo-optimized websites looking for clicks. google is essentially useless for any search that might have commercial potential (to be fair, it has been for years).

asking google "what open source alternatives are there to jmeter"

i always hold out a little hope for duck duck go, but it's really a list of the same seo-optimized sites (although, you know, stack overflow and quora are down there near the end).

asking duck duck go "what open source alternatives are there to jmeter"

what's the tl;dr? i don't know. i think i'm going continue to try to start my searches with chatgpt and then use duck duck go or google to look up the websites. i wonder if i could automate that...

#chatgpt #search

can we get chatgpt with fact check plz...