commits 99a0fd6 to 70bcf3f implement metrics and charting.

inbox and outbox activity

an instance of the Point model records an occurrence of an event—for example, the arrival of an activity in my inbox. points have a timestamp and a value and can be aggregated by day, week, etc. aggregation takes into account the timezone of the account that's viewing the chart so you'll need to specify a timezone during setup or in your account settings. i use chart.js for the charts.

i'm only collecting inbox and outbox metrics right now, but this will expand to include other types of metrics—social events, errors, etc.

looking at the chart above... i clearly need to post more...


i spent most of the summer cleaning up the codebase of my covid project (aka ktistec).

in theory, ruthlessly refactoring should be a pleasure. truth be told, i don't enjoy it as much as building new features. nonetheless, everyone else—including my future self—should find things more consistent.

things i did include replacing ecr templates with slang templates, using form helpers to make forms behave more consistently and to reduce boilerplate, etc. etc. etc. i also moved from turbolinks to turbo, which allowed me to remove my custom code for making updates to parts of a page. i know it's not cool but i'm a fan of html over the wire. i also fixed/improved timeline handling and refactored population/management of timelines and notifications. i really need to refactor handling of all side-effects—i just found another place in the code where out-of-order messages result in duplicates in the inbox.

(interesting aside about that... it's possible to get a forwarded create activity from a source before receiving the create activity from the origin itself. it's not surprising in retrospect. the origin was busy sending to followers and i was in the queue. meanwhile, another follower who was mentioned in the related object broadcast the activity to their followers...)


an unfortunate encounter

with only seven hit points remaining and having already used relentless endurance, atorash, the half-orc ranger, races around a table to close with the griffon...


i guess i'd never watched the video... this is just hilarious...

#tmbg #ill-be-haunting-you

dragon con is next week. am i ready?

awaiting henri

the williamsburg bridge.

looking up
looking down

i took time off this summer to enjoy the analog world and play board games, but i did make some small progress in a few areas.

commits 31260ad through d6b35cb fix various bugs and performance problems and improve the user experience:

  • site setup is more user-friendly
  • social details (like and announce) are visible on posts
  • clicking anywhere on a post in a feed navigates to the post
  • links open in new tabs by default

there's a bunch of work under the hood, as well—mostly deferred refactoring and cleanup.

in parallel, i'm still working on metrics collection and charts. here's a teaser: