butte montana

i grew up in montana. I remember learning about the butte copper kings in high school history class.


missoula montana

the rockies

2nd charge of the day.


driving a tesla from washington state to new york state...


Ktistec on FediDB

hmmm... gotta add status count to nodeinfo output...


our may the 4th projects are done.

vader, trooper & death star
chewie, 3p0 & the falcon

i used our 3d printer to print dozens of heads/beads, and my wife and i made necklaces. we’ll save the left over parts and use them for swag and seek at dragon con this fall.

vaders and troopers in rows

the c3p0 heads were the most difficult to print—the neck made a tiny base, which didn’t adhere well when printed in multiples, even with a brim.

death star

the death star is by nils kal, and was originally a clock face. I love it.


everyone is off today so we’re boardgaming…

forgotten waters

forgotten waters is an app-driven, co-op game with an entertaining storyline. in the first scenario, our goal is to sail past/off the edge of the world (entertaining, right). players have their own individual goals as well, and to win they much achieve those goals. so it’s possible for the team to win but individual players to lose, which adds a competitive dynamic to the gameplay.

#boardgame #forgottenwaters

dynamic rules (configurable at run time rather than compile time) will soon be merged into the main branch of ktistec. the current rules define handling of notifications (which activities result in notifications to the user) and the timeline (which activities end up in the user's timeline).

by default, posts that mention other users but not you won't show up in your timeline. but maybe you want to see them in your timeline. now you can change the rules so that you can!

rules for handling the inbox, outbox and collections in general will be coming soon...

#ktistec #school

next up on ktistec...

i'm writing a simple tdop/pratt parser for rules, now. i've done it before for other projects, with more complicated grammars, and imo they're easier to understand and extend than lr/ll parsers. douglas crockford popularized them in a post a while back—writing a javascript parser in javascript.

#ktistec #school

@Gargron it's been a good weekend for cat photos!