i just started reading quantum country and, you know, it’s amazing that alan turing invented the turing machine without a computer, or even our modern idea of computing, as a reference.

commits #22a2fe2 to b4b0bb3 add support for pretty/canonical URLs.

posts are automatically assigned a unique, but arbitrary, identifier (this post is known as . you can also manually assign posts a "pretty", canonical identifier, for seo purposes (if you care about that) or as an helpful mnemonic (this post is also known as

also in these commits is support for editing/updating published posts. mastodon instances currently ignore updates, but if you are using ktistec to "blog" maybe that's okay.


commits #f087a58 to fc9069c add support for approved posts. approved posts appear in public threaded conversations, and allow authors to control what parts of a conversation are visible to anonymous visitors.

it's a nod toward the day when fediverse spammers show up. (lol "when"...)