Todd Sundsted @toddsundsted

the problem is i feel like i've gotta understand this stuff in order to understand the code. i just can't mentally elide it...

is used to think i'd like a programming language with advanced features locked behind switches, but after puzzling my way through another program with 10+ GHC extensions i'm not so sure... #DataKinds #FlexibleContexts #FlexibleInstances #OverloadedStrings #PolyKinds #RankNTypes #ScopedTypeVariables #TypeOperators #ConstraintKinds

BEMF is this weekend...

and I'm sick...


I walk the highline about every six months and every time I'm like "what the heck are they building *now*?!?" #newyork #highline #architecture

let’s encrypt ( is the fucking JSON of certificate authorities

home-grown cryptography and home-distilled whiskey #downwardspiral

i don't always do pair programming, but when i do, i do it with gin #downwardspiral

i get it. squeeze the secondary market. but is all this really ideal for legitimate buyers...?

"Tickets and/or badges for the event are non-refundable and non-transferable and cannot be reproduced, resold or upgraded. The unauthorized resale or attempted resale of the badge is prohibited and will constitute a forfeiture of the badge without compensation. Each badge must be used by the same person for each day of the event. ... Each badge is a revocable license to attend the event."

my family and i are going to be playing d&d with naomi novick at new york comic con in two weeks. this should be pretty interesting. i'm a huge fan of her temeraire series. #worldbuildersparty