Todd Sundsted @toddsundsted

i'm looking forward to talking about the insecure underside of AI on the EFF track at Dragon Con in two weeks!

aggretsuko is brilliantly funny

gen con in august, dragon con in september, nycc in october. busy next few months...

pothole deep enough to fall into on delancy and allen

another great office game night!

the best writing about artificial intelligence on the web

the challenge of last-mile logistics in a city like NYC

dear god, someone sent me a username/password in an email!

I can’t decide if the problem here is humans, ancient email technology, or something else...

our new kickstarter came this week - el dorado.

superficially i thought it looked like catan, but other than the existence of resources it doesn’t play like catan at all.

enjoying it!

Bill Dally - Scaling of Machine Learning - ScaledML 2018

excellent dive into deep learning hardware, GPUs (obviously), lower precision weights, trained quantization of weights, pruning of neurons and weights...

researching the history of artificial intelligence via magazines and newspapers... side tracked by the old hardware in the advertisements...

when i think about autonomous vehicles i always hear red barchetta playing in the distance...

"Google's Hybrid Approach to Research" - Spector, Norvig, Petrov

finally getting around to reading "Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning". you'd assume, given how I spent my youth, it would have happened earlier...