Todd Sundsted @toddsundsted

researching the history of artificial intelligence via magazines and newspapers... side tracked by the old hardware in the advertisements...

when i think about autonomous vehicles i always hear red barchetta playing in the distance...

"Google's Hybrid Approach to Research" - Spector, Norvig, Petrov

finally getting around to reading "Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning". you'd assume, given how I spent my youth, it would have happened earlier...

i just love these interactive overviews/presentations of recent research

plan for today: stir pot, organize resulting chaos, hack hack hack, nap, write, study... (kidding about the nap)

`stack build` is pronounced "stack set your laptop on fire"

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we went with haskell for a bunch of reasons including solid multicore support (which ocaml lacked) and support for docker (which impacts jvm-based languages), but learning to use haskell effectively has been hard, hard, hard. it really feels like you're starting over again.

a loaf of bread
a jug of wine
a typeclass
and thou


i wonder how long until someone designs a cryptocurrency to run on one of these machine learning chips...?

IBM explains how much faster their machine learning solution is (apparently to kindergarteners)...

if I let the recommendation engines think for me, what purpose do I serve?

the hyperparameters are killing me...

people still use silverlight...!

can't we define
a documentation typeclass
with types for specific documentation artifacts
then we could compile
our documentation
into an executable
that would generate
readable documentation
in various forms

#haskell #freeverse #poetry

and why is udp even supported in any kind of "out of the box" configuration of memcached?

usually i am not sympathetic, but seriously, these were not "sysadmins". these were people using a distro with a very poor default configuration.