Todd Sundsted @toddsundsted

this entire project is dependencies

"a *clobber* of docker microservices..." that feels like about the right collective noun...

@seanl and alexa and similar home assistants...?

second loss in a row playing pandemic legacy season two. i love the game, but i just don't feel like i have a handle on strategy

@djsundog hahaha that's an interesting distinction to claim! in any case I'm committed to the vision of a massively decentralized, federated universe of instances! and I'm happy to have the opportunity to federate back!

“A lot of people experience a curious phenomenon when they start using Haskell: Once your code compiles it usually works.”

3.5 years, 60+ microservices, and thousands and thousands of lines of code later, I confidently state that this aphorism needs to be slain

apparently NYC has its own lorem ipsum...

starting on page 21 ursula k. le guin writes an excellent article on "literary fiction" and "genre fiction".

"There are many bad books. There are no bad genres."

not good science by any means, but i would say that most of the animal photos I see on my visible slice of the fediverse are of cats... could there be a connection...?

the Internet of the Things Show more

i love the practice but I *hate* the name "chaos engineering"... maybe "scientific engineering" given the focus on experimentation. or just yank the cable and see what happens and fix it. you'll be better off for having tested it.

all this typing has turned my handwriting into crap

studying algorithmic design. looks like I'm about a year and a half late to the party but this is far and away the most interesting trend I've stumbled across recently!

don't operate on production databases. repeat. don't operate on production databases.