Todd Sundsted @toddsundsted

i keep hearing the phrase "you are not their customer; you are the product" in conjunction with the equifax breach. i'd be much more excited if pundits connected the dots and extended that line of though to other services that hold and use our data... like facebook...

dragoncon is now really five days long... being alive is heckn swell

very sad to see american culture confused with statues

it's like lawyers have never heard of semantic formatting

still one of my favorite threads ever.

" one can solve an illusion."

turned on my hotspot at the airport. i'm seeing a random connection attempt about every second.

at least i have an answer to the last several weeks of microservice blues... 🏁

long story short, don't use `+RTS -N` on haskell services in a containerized environment (docker/kubernetes). the haskell RTS will assume the service has access to as many cores as the underlying hardware (in this case 36) even if you've configured it to use 2 or 4.

the service will run. but it will run like shit (at something like 10%-20% of it's potential).

there are three hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, deciding what new version number to assign to an API change

every time I think I've found nirvana I encounter a SOAP API...

today: general distributed system malaise

@twitter your search page 404s as a missing profile on mobile... haha oh yeah you're not on the fediverse...

the first bug being that you wrote a shell script