tony stark, gnome

i love stable diffusion...


started another dnd campaign.

i'm playing a gnome artificer with a surprising resemblance to tony stark...


a mile and a half of graf

the williamsburg bridge is still my favorite…

we have so much stuff it's in piles

today was my second attempt to conquer the new york metropolitan museum of art—egyptian antiquities wing. the previous attempt met with failure due to insufficient provisions. i'm happy to report that i was successful, having viewed relics of 20+ dynasties. tomorrow i start on medieval arms and armor.

#nyc #met

local bands playing in tompkins square park today… i ❤️ nyc

dragon con is over and i'm heading home. i spent much of my time in maker panels this year. attached is a picture of a drone built on a frame made from badminton rackets!

badminton drone

the team that built this was composed of grade school students!


3po, trooper, vader & chewie

this year for dragon con i printed a legion of little star wars inspired heads/beads to share/hide during the con. it's part of the tradition of swag n seek.

#dragoncon #swagnseek

spooky path through the trees

it doesn’t quite work during the day but I think this will be quite creepy at night… especially with the right mood lighting… and sound effects…


i took time off from ktistec to start a new job, but i'm back to hacking on it... first up, database backups...!

it's been a quiet few months online, but i've finally settled in to my new gig as CTO at Nautilus Labs... we're building tools and a platform to drive fuel cost reduction and decarbonization in maritime shipping because: roughly 90% of trade goods are carried by ship, fuel costs run $150B annually, and the 60,000 vessels in the world's merchant fleet currently contribute 3% to greenhouse gas emissions, and that's only going to increase.