Todd Sundsted
Better dead than bored.

backyard astronomy workshop thursday night at dragoncon, hilton hotel, downtown atlanta.

telescopes trained on saturn


It's amazing what will still compile and run. Consider this old project I maintained for a while, a while ago—it still has at least one file of pre-ANSI C (with the K&R style function definitions) alongside a bunch of C and C++ that compiles under C++14.

The story is that this actually runs a service that I needed to migrate from an old CentOS server to a new Ubuntu server. Despite it being a 30+ year old project, and my not having touched my fork in ~5-6 years, it all just compiled and ran (specifically configure && make resulted in a working binary on the new server). I can't think of any other piece of software I use that I have that kind of confidence in just working!

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in other news, this arrived today!

knuth—the art of computer programming (five volumes)

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it’s heading toward 100°F outside.

shading the rhubarb

i’m shading the rhubarb plant so it survives the heat! we only have this one and i’m looking forward to strawberry rhubarb pie this fall...

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c1978 schwinn spitfire 5’s

latest project… we got my wife’s parents bikes out of storage where they’d been collecting dust for about 25 years, put new tires on them, tuned them up, cleaned them up and went riding!

@rpilocator great work! i snagged a raspberry pi zero 2 w off adafruit today after catching notice that it was in stock!

whoa! i managed snag a raspberry pi zero 2 w. as fate would have it, i had all necessary prerequisites in place when i noticed availability: 1) existing, verified adafruit account, 2) my wallet and credit card near me. i've lost out on both counts before...

raspberry pi zero 2 w, real or imaginary?

this is the second day i woke to find out they were in stock and are now again out of stock...

the first thing you realize when you set up a pi hole is how much trackable noise all of your devices emit.

Dune predicted AI getting banned but it'd be funny if instead of some all out robot war it'd just be because of copyright violations.