Todd Sundsted @toddsundsted

@Gargron the fist fights weren't even that good...!

serving HTTP is bad. very bad. this is why...

sleazy dating site or networking site for professionals? you decide.

business terminology for various kinds of disasters:

fire = emergency

train wreck = very big emergency

dumpster fire = there's no point in saving anything. it's garbage. just put out the fire and move along.

if there's anything not to like about savant I don't know what it is...

the latest LTS Haskell 8.12 defines 2419 packages.

my lastest ubuntu installation has 2508 packages installed by default.

opinions are important, even in technical discussions, and if you have one you should bring it. but an opinion is ultimately just an appeal to authority -- your authority -- so it's a weak form of argument.

salespeople just need to say, in one sentence, what it is they are selling. everything else, including the back story, comments on the weather or the way the zags played this season, would waste my time if I bothered to read any of it before scanning that first line and hitting delete.

@bob "I trust [big company] with all my data" will need to become an unfashionable or unacceptable statement... it always amazes me how much Facebook reminds me of the old AOL walled-garden. it seems "convenience" wins all too often.

hm... the first reason given for a trusted execution environment is always premium content protection.

@verius and we should assume we're of interest

who capitalizes "internet" anymore...?