any rain is good but i feel like this little spigot is heading right at me..!


the thing about nyc is that I can’t decide if this is an accident or maybe an art installation…

centre st

new york city ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

new york city

objective complete!


ktistec uses sqlite as its datastore. it’s a smart idea to back up the sqlite database periodically. unfortunately you can’t just copy the database file, at least while the server is running.

this article explains how to make a backup safely, and how to set up automatic, scheduled backups with cron.



charging hasn’t been a problem. there have been chargers every 100 miles or so with only a few exceptions—at least on our route through washington, idaho, montana … indiana (so far). many/most have been located at places like shopping centers, rather than gas stations, however which makes breaks less convenient. note: on the toll roads east of chicago the service areas have chargers, which is an improvement.

somewhere In minnesota


fargo north dakota

there’s excellent tesla charger coverage through north dakota. generally, we drive for ~120 minutes and then charge for 15-20 minutes. that feels like about twice as often as a gas-powered car but it hasn’t been a problem. and frequent breaks have been nice. 


i spent the night in glendive montana, which is both the town i was born in and a town i probably haven’t been back to since. it is both raining heavily and blowing hard. the wind i remember, the heavy rain i don’t remember. at the moment it feels like the coast of alabama after a hurricane, which is 180° off from the arid eastern prairies of my childhood memories. 


the five of us are racing a storm coming up from the south. (there are five of us but only saki agreed to be photographed)

billings montana

saki is having a concern…