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getting consistent query performance, for all but the simplest queries, across different versions of sqlite feels like playing wack-a-mole. the best practice seems to be distributing a version of sqlite that's tested and works vs. depending on the system installed version?

one thing ktistec related that i haven't had the time for is working on build and deployment tools. there are a bunch of outstanding requests鈥攁nd a few PRs鈥攆or docker builds, packaged deployments for various hosting environments, etc.

if you're interested in contributing, let me know. you only have to agree to maintain them鈥攊 won't be able to.


ripping a cd using itunes on my vintage macbook

i went to a show and bought a cd and then had to figure out how to rip it, because that's not a workflow i've used in a while...

my vintage (c2010) macbook pro鈥攐ne of the last with a cdrom drive鈥攃ame to the rescue. i haven't touched it in years but thankfully it booted without problem!

buying concert tickets online is just one dark pattern after another...

In our room of requirement we have a 7鈥 wooden shipping crate. It鈥檚 now going to hold a 6鈥6鈥 mummy that I made for Halloween.

spare 7' tall wooden crate

I built the mummy out of chicken wire and 3" strips of gauze and muslin. If I had more time, I'd stain the cloth to age it鈥攏ot this year!

the mummy, under construction

It's anachronistic but I'm leaving the styrofoam in place just in case I need the crate for its original purpose!

the crate, with mummy, and partially filled with "packing straw"



i'm finally running octoprint directly on my prusa mk3s+ via an installed/integrated raspberry pi zero 2 w and octopi. the hardest part was finding and buying the zero 2 w鈥攖hankfully they have been showing up in online inventories lately鈥攁nd the 18mm breakable header. (i also had to hunt down the zero 2 w frame pattern that is a slight remix of the original frame鈥攏ot linked because there might be some licensing issues in play.)

raspberry pi zero 2 w plugged into the prusa

#3dprinting #raspberrypi #octoprint #octopi #prusa

pinecil smart soldering iron

i didn鈥檛 expect something like this to exist but when i found out it did i had to buy one鈥

  • 32-bit RV32IMAC RISC-V 鈥淏umblebee Core鈥 @ 108 MHz
  • 0.69" OLED white color monochrome display with 96x16p resolution
  • 128KB Flash
  • 32KB SRAM
  • Ralim IronOS operating system
  • GigaDevice GD32VF103TB chipset
  • GPIO break-out through USB-C port
  • Type B2 soldering tip as default

backyard astronomy workshop thursday night at dragoncon, hilton hotel, downtown atlanta.

telescopes trained on saturn


It's amazing what will still compile and run. Consider this old project I maintained for a while, a while ago鈥攊t still has at least one file of pre-ANSI C (with the K&R style function definitions) alongside a bunch of C and C++ that compiles under C++14.

The story is that this actually runs a service that I needed to migrate from an old CentOS server to a new Ubuntu server. Despite it being a 30+ year old project, and my not having touched my fork in ~5-6 years, it all just compiled and ran (specifically configure && make resulted in a working binary on the new server). I can't think of any other piece of software I use that I have that kind of confidence in just working!

#stunt #lambdamoo

in other news, this arrived today!

knuth鈥攖he art of computer programming (five volumes)

#theartofcomputerprogramming #knuth