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The final round of CV

Yesterday was family game night. We played CV, which we purchased after playing it at the local board game meetup.

I found it easy to learn and fun, but reviews were mixed. I like the tableau building mechanic, but everyone thought the dice rolls add too much chance into the gameplay. The idea behind bad luck and  misfortune is to add a little risk when you press your luck and re-roll the dice. It might have just been the night, but we ended up rolling misfortune (three dice showing bad luck) on the first roll multiple times—the cost of a card really sets you back. The player with the worst luck in this regard took social assistance twice, and still lost the game!


i can't get over how much programming feels like playing an open world game like breath of the wild (or pick your favorite)... you have an objective. there are the required milestones along the path to meeting that objective. and then there are the side quests that lure you off the path. there are always so many tantalizing side quests...

filling out forms is dante’s eighth circle of hell, right?

this week the US House of Representatives proves you’re never too old for high school drama!

i always end up dusting off tdop parsing...

#tdop #parser

in jr. high i decided i wanted to be a writer, and i dug out my mother’s old manual typewriter and taught myself to touch type, so this particular christmas gift really hits a sweet spot of nostalgia for me!

lego typewriter kit


i released 2.0.0-7 just in time for the new year.  it includes contributions from @relistan and @rahul, the introduction of CI (the build is successful), and bug fixes.

i am slowly working my way toward more flexibility for reading and managing federated content.

#ktistec (as always, it's pronounced "tiz-tek")

getting starting on my new year's 🥂 resolutions early. added a changelog to ktistec.

the changelog covers changes back to v1.0.0, which was released about this time last year!


i finally set up ci for ktistec. surprisingly, it only uncovered one mysterious build issue...


randomizes order of tests. discovers project for today... mood: 😠