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i've tested ktistec compatibility with:

  • mastodon
  • peertube
  • pixelfed
  • lemmy

many things work—follows in both directions and creating/updating notes (AKA toots, etc.)—but there's lots of room for improvement. lemmy, for example, announces activities instead of forwards activities. i'm working on 1.0, but in the next major release, i'll build server-specific extensions to handle more of these kind of issues.

i created a few issues in other repos:

and worked around a few issues that haven't quite rolled out:

and made many other concessions for compatibility.

#activitypub #ktistec

@toddsundsted With Mastodon, it surely works great! 😎​👌​

Hello. Did you try with #hubzilla ? I'm available for tests.

@nolan i did a follow but didn't see an accept come back.

immediately after i followed, i saw a request come in to the webfinger endpoint but the resource was indicated by a https schema (rather than an acct schema). this is valid but currently unsupported, so i need to give some thought to supporting this.

@nolan i did see your post, however, so that much works...!

The accept is not automatic in #hubzilla (it's more secured).
I just accepted your connection.