I just released v2.0.0-10 of ktistec. I expect this to be the last pre-release before releasing v2.0.0.

As ironic as it sounds, the Fediverse doesn't feel very federated. ActivityPub, in particular, doesn't account for the real topology of the Fediverse—large groups of users clustered together on large server instances. (Or maybe it does, and this is a feature, not a bug!) Exchanges are largely actor to actor, and large servers create the illusion of "a Fediverse" by pooling their local actors' aggregate inbound and outbound activity.

The consequence of this is that running a single-user instance can feel lonely.

This release finally tries to address that. Hashtags and threads are the backbone of expressed interests and conversations in the Fediverse. Ktistec now lets you follow hashtags and threads, and will proactively (but gently) pull relevant content in to your server. Most of the changes in the last year revolve around making this work well.

The rest of the changes are less visible:

  • Substantial reduction in build times and memory required to build.
  • Substantial reduction in database size (if you care to shrink it) and query performance.
  • Substantial reduction in the time it takes to run tests.
  • Tons and tons of refactoring.

You can see all of the changes here.

(So that it's clear, I have a massive amount of respect for anyone who builds software and gives it away for free. None of the decisions I've made with Ktistec should be taken as personal criticism of anyone else in this space!)