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showing eight instances of ktistec

there are eight instances of ktistec running, which is about seven more than i thought would ever exist. i might need to redefine the scope for v2 to get some of the newer features out there, though...


@toddsundsted Thank you for Ktistec. There is at least one more at :) But now I am getting a 500 error --  when trying to follow you from that server.  ( -- Kemal has encountered an error.)

@toddsundsted Also, wrote a tutorial on how to host an instance for free. Comments to make it better would be greatly appreciated too!

@rahul i love that you're using the pretty urls feature!

@rahul this should be fixed now. i restarted my server but pointed it at incorrect root certificates, so requests from my server to yours were failing.

@toddsundsted More like a process question. Is it ok to spam you with a few GH issues (or do you prefer posts here?) that are more of the "I am not sure I get how it was supposed to work" or possible PRs (I already have a few tiny ones I will just send, obviously decline if you don't want them) but I have a few fundamental questions.

@wink github issues are great! at some point i'll add federated bug tracking to ktistec but not yet... :-)