Today's release of code fixes things that have been annoying me for a while: 

  • Commits c01e797 to b21a97a ensure that bulk assignment raises an error when the type of an argument value does not match that of the corresponding property being assigned to. In the past, attempts were silently ignored. As you'd expect, adding the check and raising the error was easy—cleaning up all the places I'd carelessly passed in nil and other garbage was not. Lesson learned? We'll see...
  • While I'm in there, commits 1ac498e to 3d45ece ensure that bulk assignment raises an error when attempting to assign a property defined only by a getter (which is, effectively, a read-only property). Previously, this code wouldn't even compile, thereby unintentionally coupling database persistence and bulk assignability.
  • Finally, commits 5c2ec70 to 99dca65 clean up a few small defects in presentation: wide blocks of code no longer blow out the width of the parent container, image attachments present at ratios closer to what Mastodon uses (the presumption being that's what people optimize for if they optimize for anything) (this should also fix issue #53), and figure captions get a little breathing room. I'm no good at CSS, so this kind of thing takes me forever.