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i'm currently working on a few ktistec enhancements in parallel.

  • performance improvements to rule evaluation. performance isn't a problem during regular inbox/outbox processing imo, but large batch operations take too long and use too much memory.
  • dependency minimization (and removal). for expediency, a few dependencies are pulled from cdns instead of being served locally. since "minimal dependencies" is a feature i'm pushing, i should clean up where i can.
  • interoperability enhancements. the fediverse continues to evolve/innovate. it looks like another pass of interoperability testing might be warranted.

there are ~13 instances currently running that i'm aware of, so there's also a solid stream of bugs/enhancements coming in 馃槈 thanks everyone!


@toddsundsted I'm working on getting into the code since I have a few things I'd like to add.

@toddsundsted Just as a thing to get into the codebase, I started implementing Attachments on Actors to support the Mastodon-like links that show up below a profile.

I'm not sure if my implementation is the best, but this is what it looks like right now. Are you interested in this feature? If so, I will continue to plumb in the form support for managing them.

I was thinking to only support links or plain text at the moment, since this is what I think Mastodon does.

@relistan @relistan聽 this is great! i'd love to have it. i'm happy to talk over implementation strategies if you'd like. lmk!