Running Ktistec the First Time

One of Ktistec's design goals is to make installation and configuration as easy as possible. Rather than multiple supporting data store services, Ktistec uses Sqlite. The database, along with uploaded images, are stored on disk, for easy setup (and, more importantly, backup).

When you run Ktistec the first time, you'll set up the instance, and then you'll set up the primary account.

specify the host name and site name

Ktistec needs to know the name of its permanent home on the internet. The host name is part of the identity of every account on the instance. My identity is ""—other federated hosts, and users, send messages and other content to me at "". (This means you'll need a domain of your own, too.) Give the instance a site name and submit.

create an account

Once you name the instance, you create the primary account. Ktistec current supports only one account. This is intentional—another one of Ktistec's design goals is to promote a more fully distributed fediverse. A fediverse with a handful of large, multiuser services isn't a whole lot better than the world we had before, imo. (But don't worry—secondary accounts are on the roadmap.)

At a minimum, you need to specify the username and the password of the account. You can use a single character for the username, but you'll need six characters that include both letters, numbers and symbols for the password. Display name and summary are optional.


Once those two steps are done, you're online!