morning all! introduce yourself if you're a recent follower.

for my part, i'm an electrical engineer by training who works as cto at a maritime decarbonization startup by day, and hacks on ktistec, a single user activitypub (fediverse) server, when time allows. i also play boardgames, study japanese, and i'm learning to play bagpipes.


@toddsundsted So, I thought you should know - I was looking over #introductions and thinking about joining Mastadon and this tipped the balance for me. I think it was the part about bagpipes. Boardgames, Japanese AND bagpipes.

@paulfoxton thanks! tbh it's probably mostly boardgames! but i do love the other two! welcome to the fediverse!

@toddsundsted My #introduction : I am an academic, and  I am fairly new to #fediverse, but I really like what I see with #Ktistec. Walled gardens like FB and twitter destroyed the depth and variety of the early web. With the twitter exodus, hopefully more people will start hosting their own private fediverse servers, and we will have a renaissance of the early web.


and we will have a renaissance of the early web

this is my dream!