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pinecil smart soldering iron

i didn’t expect something like this to exist but when i found out it did i had to buy one…

  • 32-bit RV32IMAC RISC-V “Bumblebee Core” @ 108 MHz
  • 0.69" OLED white color monochrome display with 96x16p resolution
  • 128KB Flash
  • 32KB SRAM
  • Ralim IronOS operating system
  • GigaDevice GD32VF103TB chipset
  • GPIO break-out through USB-C port
  • Type B2 soldering tip as default

i will say that the printing in the included manual is so small that i have a hard time reading it with my glasses on!

@toddsundsted Yeah, I have one of these as well. Couldn't believe, almost too good to be true. It's so tiny and powerful, both cheaper and better than most proprietary competitors. Really nice to work with it!

@straightshoota i'm using it on my first project tonight!