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commits 984e28b7 through a367c215 include changes that support following threads, hashtags and mentions:

  • index pages for threads, hashtags and mentions include a follow/unfollow button
  • following a thread, hashtag or mention results in notifications when new posts arrive that are part of the thread or include the hashtag or mention
  • to support navigation and discovery, the details pages for posts include labels with links to the index pages for hashtags and mentions

next up is support for actively finding and fetching followed content from elsewhere in the fediverse.

also included are a bunch of bug fixes, some internal enhancements, and greatly reduced build times and executable sizes.


@toddsundsted Looks great. Found your project via Reddit while looking for a single user fediverse. On github I noticed that the latest official release is from december 2021. Are you planning to make a newer release soon?

@freakenstein yes, but there is no official eta. however, you can also safely build and use the dist branch which is at the 2.0.0-8 pre-release. most instances out there are (or were last time i checked) running the pre-releases, and not the 1.x release.