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i'm finally running octoprint directly on my prusa mk3s+ via an installed/integrated raspberry pi zero 2 w and octopi. the hardest part was finding and buying the zero 2 w—thankfully they have been showing up in online inventories lately—and the 18mm breakable header. (i also had to hunt down the zero 2 w frame pattern that is a slight remix of the original frame—not linked because there might be some licensing issues in play.)

raspberry pi zero 2 w plugged into the prusa

#3dprinting #raspberrypi #octoprint #octopi #prusa

@toddsundsted did you set root fs to read only to avoid corruption on power loss?

@0xZogG no, not yet. i fully expect to reflash the sd card as i try different things out. for the time being i'll just be diligent in shutting down the pi before powering off the printer. i'm also considering f2fs though i haven't really looked into that yet.

Nice, always thought the bay for the Pi Zero was a great addition to the MK3. Especially with the added power of the Zero 2.

@tomnardi i just have to figure out how to squeeze a connector for a camera in there!