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epiktistes memory metrics

well, i've run epiktistes long enough without restarting to have some confidence about memory performance. while there is an extended period of growing memory usage, the server does settle down after about 15 days.


@toddsundsted I don't have charts, but my server (2.0.0 old fork) runs into OOM issues every few weeks and is killed by the kernel. K8s restarts it. I have not investigated further. It may be that I just need to raise the memory limit if it does flatten.

@relistan there were definitely memory issues in some previous versions. i feel like they've been fixed in all of the most recent versions. if you need a hand migrating your instance forward, let me know—there might be minor database changes needed for the profile fields but everything else should be fine.

@toddsundsted thanks for the offer! I just need to find half an hour when I can make it happen, and it shouldn't be a problem. It just keeps slipping down the priority list :) . I'll let you know when I get it done.