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in other news, this arrived today!

knuth—the art of computer programming (five volumes)

#theartofcomputerprogramming #knuth

@toddsundsted I can't make it out in the picture, but is this the version with the shiny dust covers and the glossy, high gms pages, or is it like the old editions, with thw slightly yellow, matte dust jacket and matte pages?

A bit of a specific question, I know, vut I got the glossy one, but I prefer the old editions :)

Congrats on the set, BTW

@alexmu slightly yellow, matte dust jacket and matte pages. and, of course, lots of beautifully typeset equations and math!

@toddsundsted Thanks! Sounds like the ones I had in mind. Can I ask where you got them from?

@alexmu sadly the only place i could find to order it was amazon. i try the local bookstores first but none of their distributors carried it.

@toddsundsted Thanks again :)