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is anyone posting teardown videos on something like peertube? (i can find plenty of teardowns online, but i'm interested in their intersection with the fediverse.)

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traffic to epiktistes before and after elon acquired twitter

this chart shows inbound activitypub messages to my server. over time fediverse instances seem to receive increasing numbers of messages, many not addressed to anyone on the instance, so this represents an increase in that passive traffic, replies to other people's posts, as well as announcements/boosts/shares.

n.b. you can see all of the inbound messages to your ktistec server on the /everything endpoint.

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i'm still making lots of small changes/improvements to ktistec: upgrading dependencies, fixing bugs, and cleaning up. i'm laying the foundation for improvements to the experience of reading posts on your ktistec instance—a reactive user interface with streaming updates/notifications, the ability to follow arbitrary collections of objects, and a timeline that can flexibly highlight content you find interesting (vs. displaying posts in chronological order). underpinning all of this is a flexible, scriptable, rule-based language for customizing the experience.

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i've been interested in federated platforms for a while. this is a talk i gave at hope x a while back. at around 43 minutes, i mention that one of the motivating factors was frustration with trying to set up diaspora c. 2011.

stunt is still around—the most active fork is toast-stunt.

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new project sunday... the school rules engine.

i'm going to rewrite all of the logic for handling fediverse activities in kistec as rules, and then expose a simple ui for managing those rules so that users can more easily customize their instance. want to change what shows up in the timeline? no problem!

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