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i just discovered midnight syndicate—though i'd probably heard their music before—via their cover of tchaikovsky's dance of the sugar plum fairy from christmas: a ghostly gathering... which explains the holiday timing...

#MidnightSyndicate #halloween #christmas

In our room of requirement we have a 7’ wooden shipping crate. It’s now going to hold a 6’6” mummy that I made for Halloween.

spare 7' tall wooden crate

I built the mummy out of chicken wire and 3" strips of gauze and muslin. If I had more time, I'd stain the cloth to age it—not this year!

the mummy, under construction

It's anachronistic but I'm leaving the styrofoam in place just in case I need the crate for its original purpose!

the crate, with mummy, and partially filled with "packing straw"



spooky path through the trees

it doesn’t quite work during the day but I think this will be quite creepy at night… especially with the right mood lighting… and sound effects…